Saturday, November 6, 2010

:: my old dairy is Locked ::

i lost my dairy story.. there are my sad story in my life.. hurm.. now i can't open that dairy.. maybe Allah don't want me to remember the past because it will make me cry again.. yes.. sure i'll cry when i read that story.. until now, I'm trying to open that dairy..but i can't.. so sad..

my dairy is locked!!! how can i open it again?? i want to read that story.. my sad story in my life with a hope..

hope..yeahh.. i remember that!! make my life with some illegal.. no more light.. i take long time to forget the past.. he's go away from my life.. he's gone!! already gone..i lost my hope.. lost!!

finish for that story..huhu..

wake up from the nightmare..

no more sadness... forget the sad story okaii.. dairy... hukhuk.. can't open.. lost the lock number.. erm... what i have to do???